The approximately 400 companies that participate in the pension and LTD plans form a very diverse group. They range in size from large multi-national corporations employing thousands of people, to small one-man operations. They do business in a variety of forestry-related endeavours, from horse-logging and heli-logging, to log hauling and road building, to sawmills and silviculture. These companies are located throughout British Columbia and into Alberta, with administration offices located as far afield as Quebec and Oregon.

We know that our participating employers require different levels of service from the Plan Office. You may want to call us for an immediate answer to a simple question, or you may want to do further reading on your own. Regardless of the information you require, look to the Plan Office for assistance. We have a number of publications to assist you, and you can also download our participating employer forms online.  If the document you need is not available online, please contact us and we will ensure you get what is required.

Our Collections Coordinators are available by phone, fax, email and regular mail to answer your questions. Get in touch with them if you have any questions or concerns.

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