Take a deep dive into your plans—watch these recordings of past webinars to learn more about specific topics related to your pension and long-term disability plans. 


Retiring your pension plan

Want to know what retirement from the IWA-Forest Industry Pension Plan means for you? Watch this recorded webinar to learn:

  • How your pension plan works,
  • Which pension options are available to  you,
  • If you qualify for the subsidized early retirement benefit,
  • Who you can select as a beneficiary, and
  • How to start the application process. 

Building service with your pension plan

Are you a new pension plan member or interested in learning what it means to be an active member of the IWA–Forest Industry Pension Plan?

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about the different benefit levels, how you earn credited service, the difference between credited, funded and unfunded hours, and more.

Breaking service with your pension plan

Did you recently break service with the IWA–Forest Industry Pension Plan, or are you wondering what will happen if you break service in the future? View this recorded webinar about breaking service with the IWA–Forest Industry Pension Plan. In the recording, you'll learn:

  • What options you have after breaking service,
  • What the legislated threshold and locked-in provision mean for you, and
  • How to complete the required forms.

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