Manuals and guides are available to participating employers of the IWA–Forest Industry Pension and LTD plans. These administration manuals are designed to be reference guides for the plans.

The guides include how to remit contributions, what hours to contribute for, and how to direct employees to find out about their benefits.  If there are any discrepancies between the administration manuals and the plan texts, the plan texts will always govern.  The full pension and LTD plan texts are available to all participating employers by request. 

If you're looking for employer forms like the Enrolment Application, change of address and others, visit this page for a full listing of downloadable forms. 


How to view the latest version

To make sure that you are viewing the latest version, verify that the 'last updated date' listed in the table below matches the date identified in the document. If they don't match, try refreshing your browser or clearing your cache. Contact the Plan Office if you have any questions.


Manuals and guides



View how to make status update changes while entering employee hours. 

See how to initiate a status change.

Learn about the most common questions and issues that come up when reporting contributory hours and making status updates. 

Find out how the Plan Office can support your organization, your responsibilities when submitting employee hours, the difference between funded and unfunded hours, and information about the audit process.



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