MemberConnect is the new member portal created to provide members with a convenient and secure way to access their pension information and communicate with the Plan Office.  


Invitations to join arriving by mail and email over the next year

In the coming year, we will gradually invite members to join MemberConnect, starting with members who are actively working in the industry. This gradual rollout will help us monitor and refine the portal so we can better serve our members. 

When it’s time for your account to be activated, we will reach out with your invitation by mail and email. No need to call us unless you move – your activation code and instructions on how to join will be sent directly to you.  


Once your account is activated, you will be able to:  

  • generate a pension estimate based on your current credited service combined with your estimated future service

  • add, remove or revise a beneficiary

  • view your complete work history and see how it relates to your pension

  • go over your credited service earned with each employer

  • review your funded, unfunded, and excess hours


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