Occasionally, the Plan Office loses touch with members who are entitled to a benefit from the IWA–Forest Industry Pension and/or LTD Plan(s).

This can happen when a member changes their name, mailing address or employment and does not notify the Plan Office of the change. These members are said to have ‘unclaimed property’ in the plan(s).  

In accordance with the British Columbia Unclaimed Property Act, the Plan Office maintains a database of all members with unclaimed property. If you believe that you have unclaimed property that may be held by the Plan Office, you can request a search of our unclaimed property database.

To request a search and claim any unclaimed property, please complete and return this member verification form.

Note that it will take four to six weeks for your request to be processed and a response provided. If your request is denied, you may appeal the denial by sending a further email to unclaimedproperty@iwafibp.ca with “APPEAL” included in the subject line and attaching the Plan Office’s denial letter.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Plan Office with any questions concerning this matter.


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